Think Like Rich People If You Want To Be Rich

Have you ever wondered why you work so hard.  You will not advance financially.

Many people work hard to earn money.  They work very hard, but they do not have financial freedom.

They are desperate for money.  They want to earn more money.

Even you are working hard to make a living.  right!

But you do not know that what is holding you back is your belief system.

So you need to stop thinking like this if you ever want to move forward financially, if you ever want to succeed, if you want to get rich.

You see that money is a very interesting thing.  Money does not go to those who are desperate for it.  It is not enough to say that I want more money.  I want to increase my income.  that's not enough.

If you want to make more money, the money earned is a product of value creation.

You wanted to make more money, but you could not make more money because you are not upgrading your skill set.

If you want to make million dollars, solve the million dollar problem.

If you want to make 100 million dollars then solve the one million dollar problem.

So do not chase money problems.

You need to learn a skill set that solves the problem for a market place.  If you have a unique skill you can earn more money.

Do you need a market place that is not fulfilling, your product or service will meet requirements that are better than anyone else, allowing you to make more money.

I want you to think of money as a money tree.  You see in a tree that unlimited fruits grow.

Most people in a tree want more fruit.  They want better fruit.

You need to work at the root because money is just the result.

What you need to do to make more fruit on a tree.  You need to nourish the tree, you need to plant seeds.  If you have not planted a tree, how can you expect a fruitful tree.  you could not

If you want to make more money, you need to upgrade your skills.  You need to give more value.

Now you may have some questions

How do i do that?

How do I provide more value to people?

I am doing what I am doing.

I just have a 9-5 dead end job.

These are not the problem.

Like a tree, you are seeing fruits and you are not like fruits.  To get sweet fruit, first you need to change the roots.

Look at the big tall trees, what do they have?  They have a very strong foundation.  They have strong roots.  And because of this, these trees are quite big.

Roots are your foundation.

So do not complain that you are not successful.  Look at your roots, work on your roots.  If you work for that long then eventually you will have more fruits.