Saaho Memes Become Viral On Social Media Due To Flop Of Saaho Movie

You all must have known by now that Prabhas's most awaited film 'Saaho' has got a third class rating by the critics and readers, due to which Prabhas's joke on social media can also be made. Used to be. People are making viral on social media by creating funny meme which is more entertaining than film. After watching this you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing. Filmmakers have failed to deliver a hit film despite putting in 350 crores.

Even people have strongly criticized the direction and storylines of the film. You can see in these pictures how people have made fun of Prabhas and in this picture Prabhas's comparison is done with Shahid Kapoor, Ayushman Khurana and Vicky Kaushal, because he has given blockbuster movies in low budget.

Some people have even compared the film 'Saaho' to Salman Khan's film Race 3 and funny pictures have been made on them, which fans are very fond of. It would not be wrong to say that in terms of action, this film is compared to Hollywood, but storylines and directions are also some things that are not seen in this film at all. Many people say that the story keeps happening from here to there and there is nothing in this film except just action and action.

Not only the budget of 350 crores but also 4 action directors were hired to make the film, so despite being a strong star cast, this film has failed to win the hearts of the people and the public has called the Hindi version of this film nonsense, because Prabhas himself is seen speaking Hindi in the film, which is a Telugu star and his Hindi is also weak.

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