How To Increase Your Value!

How To Increase Your Value

If you think like most people that you should have a big car, a big house and a good job, then only people will like you, then you are thinking wrong.

  These are all external factors.  Your probability is dependent on psychological factors and most importantly, what is your value?

  I am going to tell you how you can increase your value.

  Do you want to know how?

  You must have heard about the deficiency principle.  The scarcity principle stated that when the supply of a commodity decreases.  Its demand increases.  And when demand increases, its value also increases automatically,

  In human psychology this reduction principle applies to 100%.

  The secret that I am going to share with you now, you should implement it with the help of which you can increase your value immediately.

  1. You have to be unavailable.

  If you feel that you are doing something in which you have to put more effort and you are getting less profit, then just what you have to do will become unavailable.  You will not be present there.

  If you complain, or you argue then it does not increase your value.  All you have to do is unavailable.

  2. Do not jump to return phone calls.

  We get a lot of calls.  When we get so many phones we usually pick up their phones and answer them as if they are sitting completely idle.

  You are a valuable person.  You are busy, you don't have time.  The phone is ringing or disconnecting is not a problem.  Your phone rings.  All you need to do is wait, you have to pick up your phone in at least 5 seconds after ringing.

  You can apply this 5 second rule and then you can pick up the phone.

  Let people speak, that these days you have become such a big person that you do not even get our phone calls.  You stay busy

  In fact when you are developing yourself, you are doing a lot of things that in reality you do not have the time to receive a phone call.

  Then you do it.  You start doing it.

  In the end, even if you have set up a meeting with someone and you get some more important work and interesting things that are not available again.  You will be unavailable again.  All you have to do is send a message to the person, for the reason that you are unavailable.