5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Money

5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Money

5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Money

  It does not matter how much money you make.
  You can make thousands of thousands of dollars but if you spend every dollar you make, then you have the cash flow pattern of a poor person.

  If you spend like a poor person, you will always be like a poor person.

  Today I am going to tell you 5 things that you do not want to do with your money.

  Remember, it's not just about how much money you make.  This is how much money you have.

  1. Don't gamble

  The first thing you don't want to do with your money is to take it away or buy a lottery ticket.  You see that casino owners are very rich people, beautiful hotels.  They make money from gamblers just like you.

 The lottery is for suckers.

  People who buy lottery tickets believe that they need luck to get rich, to get rich.  Which is not true?

  When you gamble while buying a lottery ticket, what you are telling yourself, your mind is, the way I will become rich or financially successful is through the luck of the draw.

it is not true.
 So don't gamble with your money and don't buy lottery tickets.

2. Don't buy things you don't like.

  The other thing you do not want to do with your money is to buy things that you do not like.  Buy only the things you like.

  Most people, spent money they don't like or they can't afford to impress people, but they are not that way.

  Why?  Because of self-esteem.

3. Buy what you like.  Do not do this for other people.

Do not buy things that rob your health.
  The third thing is that you do not want to spend your money, these are the things that will rotate your mind and rob your health.

  I am talking about cigarettes, I am talking about alcohol, I am talking about drugs.

  Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol due to social pressure, because your friends are doing so.

 4. Don't invest in something you don't understand.

  The fourth thing you do not want to do with your money is to invest in something you do not understand.  Do not invest because your friend tells you, or some seller, some broker asks you to invest.

  Do not invest because you have seen someone make a bunch of money, you are motivated by greed, only invest in what you can understand, that you know, you have to study before investing.

 5. Do not give loan money to friends

  The fifth thing you do not want to do with your money is not debt money to your friends.

  If someone is struggling with money, this is not the first time they have a money problem, chances are they always have a money problem, because of their habits or poor decisions that they make.

  If it is an emergency and you are helping them, do not expect to get the money back.

  The problem is that when you lend money to your friend, and they cannot pay you back, there is too much crime, the guilt is over and what happens then, you lose your money,  And you lose a friend.

  There is a better way to help your friend, to help them solve their problems.  If he has a drug problem, then he is a gambling problem, solve the problem from its root.

  If your friends need help and if you are able to help and you are financially capable, just give them money, but don't expect to get it back.

  The best thing you can do with your money is to invest in yourself.  Nobody can take away from you.

  Invest in your ability to improve your abilities, to learn new skill sets, you can never go wrong with it.